Standing up against inappropriate development

We live in a beautiful area with the sea to the south, the South Downs to the north, with flood plains and some prime agricultural land in between.

As your MP, Alison will always stand up for the protection of our greenfields. Not only is it good for our environment here, but in an uncertain world we must protect our agricultural land and British food production, whilst improving our food security.

Unfortunately, Labour councillors have already voted for building on agricultural whilst the Labour Party have made a commitment to increasing housebuilding in our part of the country.



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Renew and re-energise our high streets

It is great news for our residents and businesses that the Government see our potential and are investing in our area. The Government recently announced that Bognor Regis will receive £20 million as part of the Long-Term Plans for Towns. 

Better access to NHS Doctors and Dentists

Alison Griffiths knows how much we value our NHS. The Conservatives have invested in training more doctors, more nurses, and in more technology to help diagnose and treat us. And ensuring better, faster access to primary care locally is vital.

Stop sewage discharges. Support action on flooding

Alison is already standing up to Southern Water over unacceptable sewage discharges in our area by joining the Southern Water Forum with other MPs. The Forum puts pressure on Southern Water to get them invest in our water network.

Protect our pensioners

I believe in supporting pensioners by helping them keep more of their own money.

So, to provide pensioners with dignity and financial security, in the next Parliament we will introduce the new Triple Lock Plus. This will comprise of two elements:

Pushing for investment in roads and infrastructure

Potholes and the state of our roads are the issues that residents raise most often with me. I agree. Walking and cycling are great for short journeys but most of us have to use our cars to get around - whether that’s getting to work, taking children to school or doing the shopping.